Elm City Communities not only provides great new housing options, we are working hard to improve existing public housing developments throughout the city. Our aggressive goals for renovation, replacement, improvement and construction are aimed at improved quality of life for our residents.

The old system of isolated public housing is rapidly disappearing. In its place is a growing network of scattered private-housing sites and new accommodations connected to surrounding areas with access to services and jobs. This new direction is bringing economic opportunities to landlords, businesses, and many of our residents, who may receive training and jobs, particularly in the construction, interior finishing, and landscaping trades.

Because we share common goals, interests and initiatives, Elm City Communities enjoys a close working relationship with the city of New Haven, which increases resources and strengthens collaborative efforts and partnerships as we move in unison to build a better city.

Our organization comprises a family of dedicated, trained and skilled employees who serve residents in many capacities, but always with compassion and respect.

Whether you are a young family starting out, in transition, are a senior and/or disabled, there is a place for you at Elm City Communities/HANH.



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